Birthday gifts presents

Birthday gifts presents

Birthday gifts presents


Birthday gifts presents the best birthday gift ideas among our collection of personalized presents. Find cool gifts for kids, such as baby dolls, toys, and Ts made special by personalization. For Birthday gifts presents for mom, dad, and other adults, choose from personalized sports gifts, kitchenware, bar and grilling tools,Birthday gifts presents colorful jewelry and more.

Yay! It’s your birthday, it’s your birthday! Actually, it’s probably just as likely that it’s somebody you know who is having the birthday which is why you’re here looking for gifts. Either way though, you’re in the right place! Here at FMAG we’ve birthday ideas a-plenty for whoever you’re buying for!

We pride ourselves on the cracking range of birthday gift ideas we have that cover all ages and interests. If you want the finest fare in terms of birthday treats for a person who’s about to add another notch to their years on the planet tally let us help. It’s what we do best!

We can provide birthday ideas across the generations of recipients and we’re confident they’re going to go down a storm. Birthday surprises are our thing so whether you’re searching for the sentimental for a dearly loved one, the funny for best friend or the downright outrageous for that one individual that’s always a nightmare to buy for we have the goods!

And once you’ve chosen one of the birthday ideas available you can rest assured that it’ll arrive in a timely manner and in tiptop condition. We deliver all over the UK and to most international destinations at competitive rates. Light the candles, it’s time for a birthday celebration!


It’s that time of year when gift giving kicks into high gear. With gift lists for children to retirees, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge.

When choosing a gift, it’s important to think about the receiver’s  personality, and remember it’s always the thought that counts.

The Bismarck Tribune looked at age groups and with some unscientific research came up with ideas. Most of the items are general and can be found around Bismarck or on the Internet, others have prices and places to find them.

Up to 4 years old

Being this young, chances are they won’t remember what you get them, but gifts that they can keep for years are always a good. Here are a few gift ideas both educational and comforting.

Matching pajamas — There’s nothing cuter than a matching picture on Christmas morning, footsies are a plus too.

Bath toys — Paints, toys and’ll keep them entertained while you wash their hair.

Move and groove table — It’s an educational toy that will help teach motor skills, it sings and has games. Prices are $30-50 and they can be found at department stores.

Personalized baby blankets — A baby blanket is something most people keep for years. It’s a great comfort object while they’re young and full of memories when they’re old.

Thomas the Train sets — A classic gift. And these days kids can set up amazing tracks. Prices range from $20 to $200. They can be found at department stores.

Bowling set — These pins won’t hurt the kids, it’s a good way to improve hand-eye coordination.

Educational Play Mat — It plays anything from Mozart to jungle tunes, your child can sing along.

Portable DVD player — Keep your kids entertained in the car while they watch a movie. “Are we there yet?” may not be an issue.

Baby Mobile — This educational toy is intended to provide entertainment while teaching new skills.

5 to 9 years old

Around this age, kids should be experiencing new things like participating on a sports team and expressing their creative side. Here’s a start on all the possibilities, this age group is pretty easy to please.

Bike — You’ve seen it in all of the Christmas movies. It’s right around the age they should be learning to ride.

Battery Car — Although on the pricey side, kids will enjoy riding around for hours. And it might help teach them good driving skills early in life.

Sports starter kit — This is a good way to get your kids interested in a variety of sports.

Action figures — G.I. Joe, Power Rangers and other figures.

Piggy banks —This is a good age to teach kids about saving money and they will enjoy cashing in their change once it’s full.

American Girl Doll — Whether you decide to get a doll that looks like your daughter or one already equipped with a name and a story, she can improve her reading skills and learn historical facts.

Password Journal — Your daughter can write her feelings and keep the names of her crushes locked away in this voice recognition password journal. It’s a notebook locked away inside of a plastic lock-box. Prices are $20-30, they can be found at department stores.

Door beads — Girls can act like a star entering and exiting a room through a shower of beads.

Legos/ Connects —The building blocks can bring out your kids creative side.

Sports lesson — Once they’ve decided which sport they are most interested in, sign them up to experience the real deal while playing for a team.

10 to 14 years old

This age group is growing up in a fast world. To keep up with the pace many want electronics and other devices to keep in touch with their friends.

“Most kids my age would want an ipod or a cell phone,” said 12-year-old Taylor Littrell.

It’s always is a good idea to ask what kids may like for the holidays. To help here is a list.

Cell phone — it’s a win win situation. They can talk to their friends and you know where they’re at.

Video games —They’re a staple in many kids’ lives. There are games for just about any interest.

Movie tickets — Pay for their theater tickets and they’ll be thanking you for a fun night out with their pals.

Make your own jewelry — String, beads, hemp necklace kits and they won’t need new jewelry for quite some time.

Guitar — They can learn a new skills and have some fun.

Game system — It’s a way for them to stay occupied on a snowy day or late night.

Nail sets — For a special occasion, or maybe just a Tuesday, the girls will love it.

Mindflex —This new game allows your child to lift a ball using their mind. Prices are around $100.

Boots — They’re warm, practical and, bonus, in style this year.

Snow toys — Sleds, skis, boards and paints should get them outside and exercising.

15 to 18 years old

This age group tends to be in the technology trend. Eighteen-year-old Paul Murphy of Century High School said that a good gift would be a Play Station 3.

“Just straight up cash,” he said, is another good alternative that always works for teens. “I think people use Christmas to break out the big guns,” Murphy said.

Krista Boehm, a 17-year-old at Century High School, has a laptop and mittens at the top of her list. She thinks that many people her age would like the same thing.

The following is a list of other gift ideas for this age group.

IPod/ipod docks — If they don’t already have one this could be at the top of the list.

Camera — Allow teens to keep memories with their friends.

Concert tickets — For your child and a friend it could be a night they won’t forget.

Snowboard — Break up the winter season with this activity.

Room decor — They’re getting older and their style does change.

Games — Allow them to enjoy a game night with friends in the safety of your own home. Games like Catch Phrase, Conga and Yahtzee are a few favorites for this age group.

Trendy hats, mittens, scarves — Keep them warm and toasty while also in style.

Cell phone covers — A way to make the phone fit their personality.

Rock band DJ Hero — This spinoff of Guitar Hero. Prices are around $100 and it can be found at electronic stores.

Stats table 18 and 1 — This activity table allows kids to play foosball, ping pong, air hockey, and more with a quick easy switch of the table top. Prices are around $150, and can be found at toy and sport stores.

19 to 35 years old

Being is this age group, they’re either in college or developing their professional career. Technology is big as well as things to help them relax after a stressful exam or presentation at work.

“Money … money is pretty much everything I hear around college,” Gentry Lee, a student at Bismarck State College, said.

University of North Dakota student Paige Theile, originally from Bismarck, agreed by saying she knows of students that ask for their spring vacation to be paid for.

If money isn’t something that the person wants, the following is a list of other ideas.

Games —  Apples to Apples. Bananagrams. There’s a variety of games.

GPS — They will appreciate this one after the first time they get lost. And now you won’t have to give them directions to where you’re meeting for lunch.

TV series DVDs — Whether it’s the “O.C”. or “CSI,” someone can enjoy entire set of their favorite show.

Coffee gift sets — If you’re buying for a coffee lover, they will appreciate a variety of different coffees, teas and mugs.

Sports team stuff — Help them gear up for the big games with their teams apparel and other gear.

Remote car starter — With North Dakota’s below zero temperatures, this gift can come in handy.

Powermat — Tech fan? This allows them to charge their IPod, digital camera, phone and others on the same mat at the same time. Prices are around $100 they can be found at electronic stores.

36 years and older

This age group often enjoys quality time with their family, so look for gifts that fit family time. Items that are useful in a professional environment also are appreciated.

Sue Skalicky, a teacher at Century High School, just wants books from her kids on her Christmas list. She also thinks that travel would be one of the greatest gifts.

“It’s not about the stuff but the experience,” said Skalicky. “I love it when they make me something homemade,” she added.

Here is a list of items this group may like.

Gym memberships — Try not to offend them with this one but it’s a good way for them to kick it into gear.

Recipe books — Maybe it’s a hint for dinner or maybe it’ll be an addition to the collection.

Carganizer — Now there is no excuse for the car to be messy with this compartment organizer. Prices are from $15 to $20 and can be found at department stores.

USB cup warmer and  cooler — At work it will keep drinks perfectly warm or cold. Prices are anywhere from $10 to $30, they can be found at department stores.

Wine/wine holders — Probably one of the best hostess gifts ever thought of.

Coffee/espresso machine — For all those mornings that come a little too early.

Charm bracelet with kids — It’s a start … that will come full circle.

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